Meeting with a representative of One More Child to discuss loveBig’s current Feeding Program and School and the potential of them partnering with us in the future.

“One More Child” is a nonprofit organization based in Florida that provides funding for various ministries across the globe. They expressed an interest in our loveBig organization, holding the same mission and beliefs to empower families. A representative from One More Child requested to visit the loveBig feeding center and learn more about our program. The team met with this representative while we were in Haiti and excitedly shared what God is doing in Mina, Haiti and future goals and plans. Since our visit, One More Child has requested more information and we are currently still discussing possible opportunities for our ministries to partner together. Praying God guides both ministries to reach the most families we can in Haiti for Christ’s sake. Meeting with Caesar from One More child was very helpful and a good learning experience. From that meeting, we have started setting long term goals and spent some time in strategic planning for the future.

God has inspired us to make long-term goals for loveBig and see where He leads us in this ministry and how many lives He can touch through us.

Our 3-5 year goals:

  1. Build a dedicated K-6th grade school building fully funded
  2. Add a grade to the school each year
  3. Add a teacher to the school each year
  4. Increase the number of children in the feeding program and school
  5. Begin a widows program (currently aware of 15 widows in the church)

Our 5-10 year goals:

  1. Build a dedicated 7th-12th grade school building fully funded
  2. Establish a scholarship program for students wanting to pursue secondary education (college or trade school)
  3. The feeding program becoming partially or fully self sustaining by raising own chickens/goats and fresh fruit and vegetables

It’s so humbling and exciting to watch God work through loveBig as to make an impact and change live’s in Haiti. Thanks for being a part of the exciting things God has ahead!