loveBig celebrates Grand Opening by: Katie Powel

This isn’t just any second-hand store. The loveBig Closet at 700 West Broadway street in Lawrenceburg, KY officially opened on Saturday, but unlike most stores, they do not make a profit. The loveBig Closet is part of the nonprofit ministry, loveBig, and was started as a way to raise support for their mission work in Haiti. “Just trying to make a difference,” said Melody Bird, one of the staff member at loveBig Closet.

Their shop is a cute, little place that sells gently used clothing at steal prices. The shop is neat and clean and offers a good selection includes men’s, women’s and children’s clothing as well as shoes, purses and accessories. If you want a deal, this is the place to get it; women’s jeans are a steal at $2 a pair, and coats are $4. All clothing sold at the loveBig Closet is donated, and they only take gently used items. The place is reminiscent of a small-town boutique but with amazing prices and an important cause, it is hard to beat.

The proceeds from the store go to support the mission’s two schools and two feeding center in Haiti. They hope to empower families to maintain their family units and to break the cycle of poverty. loveBig accomplishes this by providing food and education to the Haitian peopl, loveBig also partner with Christian Covenant Home Orphange to help support and educated the orpahns of Haiti. loveBig’s vision at the orphange is to help prepare these children for the hope of future jobs trade school or university.

loveBig is a faith-based organization, and as such their mission is to, “Evangelize. Educate. Empower. In Christ and through Christ.” Throughout their website and Facebook page, they emphasize the importance of loving God and loving your neighbor according to Matthew 22:37-39.

The mission, as a whole, began with the vision of two women, Angela Logdon and Tiffany Evans. They took their first mission trip to Haiti in 2015, and since then they felt that God was calling them to continue serving the Haitian people. After prayer and several return trips to Haiti, the women felt called to assist with Pastor Supreme’s feeding program in Mina, Haiti.

With the founding of loveBig, their hope was to provide funds and support for Pator Supreme’s feeding program as well as to support a school in Mina .The village of Mina, has approximately 150 children who do not have a consistent source of food. The feeding program seeks to provide that food for these children, and the school seeks to provide them with an education. There are approximately 260 children currently enrolled at the Mina school.

The ministry also supports a school in feeding center in Puerta Prince, Haiti, and there are currently around 60 children enrolled in that school.

For those interested in supporting this ministry, you can donate to the organization, buy clothing from the loveBig Closet, or donate clothing and accessories to be sold at the closet. Either way, you are helping to keep this ministry running, and you might just get a new outfit in the process.